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NT Labs Pro-F Ocean Grazer 40g New
Product Summary- Sinking Disc - Colour Enhancing - Reduces Waste -Pro-f Ocean Grazer is a nutritiona..

NT Labs Marine Invertebrate Food 100ml New
Product SummaryFood for all Filter FeedersInvertebrate Food for maintenance of filter feeding invert..

NT Labs Pro-F Reef Snow 50g New
Product Summary- Micro Particle - Triggers Feeding - Easily Assimilated -Pro-f Reef Snow is a micro ..

Tetra Starter Line LED Aquarium New
Product SummaryGetting started in aquatics is easy with the Tetra Starter Line LED Aquarium. This aq..

Velda Laser Guard New
Product SummaryColourful fish in a clear pond are an easy prey for herons. In spring herons are on ..

Blagdon Blanketweed Controller -26%
Product SummaryThe permenant solution to Blanket weed problems in the pond - Simple to ins..
£42.99 £31.99

Kent Marine Purple Tech 473ml -15%
Product SummaryKent Marine Purple Tech stimulates the growth of purple coralline and green c..
£15.37 £13.06

Kent Marine Reef Salt Mix 26.3kg -41%
Product SummaryKent Marine Reef Salt Mix 26.3kg provides the reef aquarium with the essentia..
£89.99 £52.99

Velda Infrared Pond Thermometer -33%
Product SummaryMeasure the temperature of the pond water at a distanceThe Velda infrare..
£19.99 £13.49

Velda Pond Skimmer -10%
Product SummaryA pump powered pond skimmer that removes floating debris, protein foam and dust from..
£96.99 £87.29

Product SummarySeachem Alert Combo contains 1 x Seachem pH Alert & 1 x Seachem Ammonia A..

Product SummarySeachem American Cichlid Salt 250g is a chemically sound blend of salts desig..

Product SummarySeachem AmGuard 100ml safely, rapidly and efficiently removes toxic free ammo..

Product SummarySeachem AmGuard 250ml safely, rapidly and efficiently removes toxic free ammo..

Product SummarySeachem Ammonia Alert is an innovative colour device for continuously detecti..

Product SummaryThe Fluval Aquasky 12w unit pairs super bright white LEDs with tri-coloured RGB LEDs ..

Product Summary Hozelock EasyClear range is a combined inpond pump and biological filter system c..

Product SummaryExtending your aquarium viewing pleasure is now even easier with the Interpet..

Product SummarySeachem De Nitrate 500ml is an economical, natural, porous material with a po..

Product Summary High Performance Pressurised UV Pond Filter Now Better than ever! The Pressure-Fl..

Product SummaryV2 iLumenAir LED Lighting System is a sleek User-Customised high power (iLu..

Product SummaryComplete food for feeding during autumn and winter During colder periods, the..

Product SummaryBlagdon Enhance 5 Way LED Lights for pond or garden. This set of 5 easy to ..

Product SummarySeachem Stability 250ml will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofil..