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Boxed Laguna 1500 Fountain Pump Kit
Laguna 1500 Pond Fountain Pump Kit ...includes everything you need to generate powerful water circulation and beautiful water fountain displays in medium ponds. The kit includes an extendible r...
Bermuda Floating Pond Skimmer 3500
Pond Surface Skimmer 3500 The Bermuda pond surface skimmer 3500 is a powered floating surface debris skimmer with an integral powerful 3500 litre pump keeps your pond surface clean and free fro...
Lotus Green Genie 48000
Green Genie 48000 Pond Filter ...clearer thinking from Lotus Lotus Green Genie pond filtration systems have been developed after consultation with water garden proffessionals and specialist...
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Picture of Blagdon MiniPond 4500 Pond Filter
MiniPond 4500 ...is all you need for a clean and healthy pond. The Blagdon Minipond 4500 Pond Filter system offers sophisticated, professional pond technology in a flexible, easy to use pac...
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JBL ProScape Testlab
ProScape Testlab Professional test laboratory for the water analysis of planted aquariums The JBL Testlab ProScape has 9 different tests for a comprehensive water analysis: pH 6.0-7.6; CO₂ ...
Fish Mate 22000 Pond Pump
Adding a 22000 pond pump ...to your pond opens up a whole world of possibilities. Moving water can transform your pond into the focus of a beautiful water garden. The Fish Mate 22000 is a versa...

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NT Labs Foamclear 250ml
Foamclear - Anti-Foam Breaks Dow...
Wound Seal From NT Labs
Wound Seal Seals Open Wounds on ...
Pond filter starter from NT Labs
Filter Bugs Long Shelf-Life Bact...
pH Buffer for Discus from Seachem
Discus Buffer Seachem Discus Buff...
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