Blagdon MidiPond DUO 14000 System

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Blagdon MidiPond DUO 14000 System is a perfectly matched Blagdon MidiPond 14000 pond filter and Force Hybrid 6000 pond pump which will enable your fish to enjoy living in a clean, healthy environment whilst you gain crystal clear water to see them.


  • 5m - 32mm pipe
  • 4 hose clips
  • Inline flow valve
  • Force Hybrid 6000 Pond Pump
  • MidiPond 14000 Pond Filter

MidiPond Duo 14000 Pond Filter

All you need for a clean and healthy pond.

The Blagdon Midipond 14000 Filter System offers sophisticated, professional pond technology in a flexible, easy to use package. The unique seven stage filtration process has been specifically created to provide a beautifully clear and healthy pond, with a minimum of maintenance.

Easy to clean, effective, low maintenance filtration from a compact system.

Midi Pond incorporates the next generation of filter technology.

Blagdon MidiPond 14000 filter key features:

  • High output power compact T5 UV lamp.
  • Venturi fed aeration chamber.
  • Stainless steel hydroscreen prefilter.
  • Blagdon professional Ceramic Bio Media.
  • High flow 4 outlets.

Force Hybrid 6000 Pond Pump

The Blagdon Force Hybrid 6000 pond pump has been designed to deliver great flow with pressure at 2 meter + head as required by filter and waterfall installations.

The completely new asynchronous single direction motor uses the highest quality components providing durability and reliability combined with efficiency and economy.

All Blagdon Force Hybrid pumps come with a new and unique switchable hybrid intake system allowing you to switch from Sludge Removal Mode, which takes in water from the bottom of the pump to aid in clearing settled debris, and the Multipurpose Cage Mode (normal operation) to allow intake throughout the whole of the pump.

Blagdon Force Hybrid 6000 pond pump key features:

  • Fantastic flow at a realistic 2 metre + heads
  • Multi fit hosetail
  • Inline ball valve
  • Switchable intake system - sludge removal and normal
  • Durable & reliable
  • Powerful & economical

The Blagdon MidiPond DUO 14000 System has a clear water guarantee when used correctly as per the manufacturers instructions.

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