JBL BioNitratEx Filter Media 240g

More on the way JBL BioNitratEx Filter Media 240g
Biological filter material for removal of nitrates

  • Removes the main nutrient of algae, nitrate, off the water.
  • Operates exclusively through nitrate-eliminating bacteria, without the use of chemical additives or exchange products.
  • Bacteria need no extra feeding, as substrate includes feed.
  • Also suitable for use in saltwater in combination with the active carbon JBL Carbomec ultra as after-filter.

JBL BioNitratEx 240g is a special filter substance for eliminating nitrate through micro organisms with novel bacteria nutrients promoting the settlement of denitrifying bacteria. Simply place the net bag inside the existing filter no extra feed for the micro organisms or complicated controls required the water flow is controlled through the material itself. No chloride enrichment as in conventional ion exchangers.

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