JBL Clynol Water Clarifier - 100ml

JBL Clynol Water Clarifier - 100ml
Water cleaner the natural way

  • Cleans and clarifies aquarium water by natural minerals which absorb a wide range of undesirable materials through their special surface structure.
  • Removes natural and chemical discolouration and particles causing cloudiness.
  • Binds heavy metals, ammonium, proteins, odours and many other undesirable substances.
  • Creates crystal-clear, naturally pure aquarium water without any chemical substances.
  • Overdosage is non-harzardous.

The effect of JBL Clynol:

Micro-fine natural minerals spread throughout the water absorbing a wide range of undersirable materials, discolouration, particles and bacteria through their special surface. The entire aquarum acts as one huge filter. The water is thus cleaned naturally enhancing the well-being of fish and invertebrates. The intial cloudiness disappears after 2 - 24 hours, leaving the water crystal clear.

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