JBL Denitrol - 100ml (Aquarium Detox Bacteria)

JBL Denitrol - 100ml (Aquarium Detox Bacteria)
Faster fish stocking with biological breakdown of pollutants.

  • Biological removal of nitrites
  • Water-detoxifier with fast start formula through highly active cleansing bacteria and enzymes

Your aquarium needs JBL Denitrol 100ml because the highly active beneficial cleansing bacteria clean the aquarium water biologically and quickly absorb pollutants. The addition of special enzymes accelerates the breakdown of pollutants. Particularly in case of new aquariums, healthy aquarium water is produced in the shortest time.

Effective because:

  1. Cleansing bacteria detoxify the water by absorbing ammonia and nitrite.
  2. Special enzymes and cleansing bacteria break down the excreta of the fish and other waste.
  3. Produces healthy, balanced aquarium water.

Always use

  • When setting up a new aquarium
  • After treating diseases
  • After changing water

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