JBL PhosEx Rapid 100ml (Aquarium Phosphate Remover)

JBL PhosEx Rapid 100ml (Aquarium Phosphate Remover)
  • Removes the algae nutrient, phosphate (PO₄), within a few hours.
  • The phosphates are absorbed and can be removed from the water by the filter.
  • No harmful side-effects.
  • Only suitable for freshwater.

JBL PhosEx Rapid 100ml Application:

First test the carbonate hardness and increase it to at least 4° KH. Shake the bottle before use, then use immediately. Any UV-C devices in use should be switched off. The product should be added to the aquarium in a place with good water movement. One application absorbs up to 2mg phosphate per litre. Repeat treatment as required (check KH). Clean the filter and substrate the following day.

  • Clears cloudy aquarium water.

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