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TAP Anti Algae Pad XL

Out Of Stock TAP Anti Algae Pad XL

Product Summary

TAP Anti Algae Pad XL is a unique four way action pond pad which can be used to clear pond algae in all situations. Algae Pad works four times better than Barley Straw and clears most ponds in four days. Algae Pad offers environmental, biological, chemical and mechanical control on over 80% of all known algae species. Can be used directly in the pond or preferably in an external biological box filter. Algae Pad comes in one size and is very easy to use.

Unique four way actions work by:

Environmental Control

  • Algae Pad contains two inorganic buffers which help reduce and control the pH in garden ponds. A lowering of the pH will noticeably reduce the amount of Green Algae present. Environmental control is also achieved by removing nutrients from the water.

Biological Control

  • Algae Pad will trap nutrients from pond water. Enzymes will aid the breakdown of these nutrients and thus reduce algae growth. Natural extracts also help in the Biological breakdown of suspended algae species.

Chemical Control

  • TAP's four way Algae Pad is impregnated with a powerful Algicide which will slow release once the pad is wet. The Chemical agents are effective against 80% of all known algae species. Algae Pad will help control all Benthic algaes including Blanketweed and kill Green Water.

Mechanical Control

  • Place the Algae Pad in any chamber of an external biological filter. The open cell properties and uniform structure of the pad ensure Planktonic Algae are trapped.


  • Remove outer wrapping and place pad in the filter box one pad per 10000 litres (cut pad to volume of pond)
  • Replace after 3 months during the pond season (spring - autumn)
  • For heavy amounts of algae replace every month
  • For large ponds use multiple pads
  • For ponds without a filter box place pad in pond (weigh it down)
Max Pond Litres10000 litres
Product Type
Treatment ForAlgae Removal

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