TAP iFill

TAP iFill

Product Summary

  • Rapid setting epoxy resin
  • Large cracks or holes can be repaired in 1 hour
  • Can be over painted for a fantastic finish
  • Completely safe for all aquatic life

TAP iFill pond gap filler is a high performance epoxy gap filler for large cracks and holes in concrete ponds.

Before you start:
Make sure your concrete pond is clean, dry and all holes and cracks are rubbed down. Remove any flaky or loose material.

How to use:

Cut a suitable piece depending on crack/hole size of epoxy resin paste whilst wearing gloves. Vigorously knead this piece until even in colour. This may take about one minute then push this mixed resin into the crack/hole with spatula. Try to leave a smooth finish to the repair.

Ideal application temperatures:

Ideal temperatures for repairs are between 5° C and 30° C


  • 2 x pairs of gloves
  • 2 x epoxy resin strips
  • 1 x spatula

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