TAP iSeal

TAP iSeal

Product Summary

  • Pond cracks can be filled in 10 minutes
  • Rapid setting cermanic resin
  • Liquid resin gives supreme results
  • Leaves a perfect finish for painting

TAP iSeal pond crack filler is a high performance ceramic resin filler for fine cracks in concrete ponds.

Before you start:
Make sure your concrete pond is clean, dry and all cracked surfaces are rubbed down. Remove any flaky or loose material.

How to use:

Mix a little water into the iSeal (approx 4 iSeal to 1 water) and stir to a paste using the small containers supplied. After approximately 1 minute apply this paste into the cracks using the spatula provided. Try to leave a smooth repaired surface.

Ideal application temperatures:

Ideal temperatures for repairs are between 5° C and 30° C


  • 2 x pairs of gloves
  • 2 x spatulas
  • 2 x mixing vessels
  • Resin pack

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