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TAP MS 50 1 Litre

Out Of Stock TAP MS 50 1 Litre

Product Summary

TAP MS 50 1 litre an advanced medicine specifically designed to treat higher parasites that may not be effected by other medicines.

MS 50 is effective against Flukes (Gyrodactylus & Dactylogyrus), Fish Lice (Argulus) & Anchor Worm (Lernaea). MS 50 is safe to use with Orfe & Rudd.

How to dose

Add 10ml of TAP MS 50 per 100 gallons of pond water using the measuring chamber on the bottle. Repeat this dose after 1 week. You can repeat the dose up to 3 times only if symptoms persist. For difficult cases increase the dose rate to 10ml per 50 gallons. For a short term bath (30 minutes max) use 10ml per 25 gallons.


  1. Calculate pond volume accurately.
  2. Add treatments with sufficient time to observe fish behaviour. Last thing at night is a bad idea.
  3. Remove any carbon in the filter.
  4. Ensure adequate aeration and filtration at all times.

How to calculate the volume of your pond

Length x Width x Depth x 6.2288 (measurement are in feet to give imp gallons)


  1. Do not overdose.
  2. Always read the instructions.
Max Pond Litres45000 litres
Product Type
Treatment ForFlukes;Parasites
Treatment TypeChemical
Treatment For
Dosage10000 gallons
TreatsFish Lice & Flukes

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