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14 May Fluval Stratum
CMC Aquatics 0 29
Soil has become a popular substrate option these days, particularly for aquascapers and shrimpkeepers as its size, structure, dark color and shape offer a striking natural canvas in an aquarium. Soil..
24 Mar Interpet ECO Max Tropical LED Lighting
CMC Aquatics 0 70
New unique waterproof design, IP68 waterproof rating with multiple fitting options Aluminium PCB for even heat distribution with external plastic housing. Inline on/off switch , independently switch f..
11 Mar New BladeRunner Glass/Acrylic Cleaner
CMC Aquatics 0 247
Bladerunner An ultra-slim cleaning magnet using strong rare earth magnets. Designed to run on 2 blades for minimal contact with the glass or acrylic surface, which will reduce the potential for accide..
24 Nov Resin Products Nitrate Remover & Ammonia Block
CMC Aquatics 0 66
3 Pods : Nitrate RemoverA premium grade nitrate selective ion exchange resin Unique round pod’s perfectly fit inside your internal/external filter Contains 3 pod’s, which can be simply discarded afte..
20 Nov Fluval Shaker Collection
CMC Aquatics 0 1186
FLUVAL SHAKER COLLECTIONWith a modern take on traditional Shaker design, the new Fluval Shaker Collection will create a stunning focal point in any home. The range features exquisite attention to deta..
19 Nov Fluval UVC In-Line Clarifier
CMC Aquatics 0 154
Available December 2020.Quickly and easily connected to most canister filter setups, the UVC In-Line Clarifier eliminates suspended bacteria and algae for a clear and healthy aquarium. A chemical-free..
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