Aeraqua Protein Skimmer - AD600

Available To Order Aeraqua Protein Skimmer - AD600
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The Aeraqua protein skimmer is set to take protein skimming to the next level. This feature rich skimmer improves in many areas over the traditional skimmer design whilst adding some unique world first additions.

The dual output of the turbine duo pump body used inside features a patented dual needle wheel design that creates much finer micro bubbles to more efficiently carry proteins to the skimmers collection cup.


  • Wattage - 45w
  • Heavy Stocking - 400 Ltr / 100 Gal
  • Normal Stocking - 1700 Ltr / 450 Gal
  • Footprint - 260 x 210mm / 10.2 x 8.3in
  • Height - 565mm / 22.2in
  • Water Level - 18 - 24cm / 7 - 9.5in
  • Air Intake 1500 LPH / 396 GPH
  • Water Intake 2400 LPH / 634 GPH

The AD600 can be used in systems ranging from 400L - 1700L depending on the bio load.

The skimmer pump utilises sine wave technology, if you combine this with a uniquely designed silencer hidden in the base of the skimmer you have a product which is probably the quietest in its class. There is no diffuser plate on the Aeraqua further reducing noise, instead it features a cup system designed to funnel the bubbles upwards to the skim cup.

The skimmer pump allows you to use the skimmer in different ways depending on the bio load within the aquarium. For example, you can close the valve on one side of the pump and this will then recirculate the flow within the skimmer body, whilst the other side of the pump is pulling water from the sump. This also allows for fine tuning. You can mix various permutations of this system to suit your aquarium.

The collection cup features an automatic shut off if the skim cup is full. There is an adjustable gate on the skimmer body which allows easy adjustment of the water level with an integrated bubble trap to prevent micro bubbles escaping into your sump.

All parts on the skimmer are quick release for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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