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Aquarium Media Bags

Filter media bags should always be used to contain any loose filter media, such as activated carbon, bio media or any absorbing aquarium filter media.
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The Universal Filter Media Bag is ideal for use with any Fluval canister filter. Simply fill the bag with bulk-style chemical or biological filter media, close the fastener and place into your desired media compartment. Features: For use with chemical or biological filter media (i.e. carbon, ammon..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
Enables you to remove the filter material from the filter easily in order to clean or to replace it: universal mesh bag for filter material Container bag for 0.5 – 1.5 l filter material Water neutral nylon material: no release of substances into the water For fine filter material - mesh size 0.5 ..
Brand: NT Labs Stock: In Stock
Filter Media Bags should be used to contain loose active filter media, such as Supercarb or Phosphate Remover.The fine mesh of Filter Media Bags is optimised for holding small media particles while promoting improved water circulation. Filter Media Bag are made from non-toxic, durable polyester ..
Seachem Large Zip Media Bag
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Brand: Seachem Stock: Out Of Stock
Durable seams & corrosive proof zipper secure all types of filter media. Excellent choice for most filter media.48 cm x 43 cm..
Brand: Seachem Stock: In Stock
An innovative welded filter bag with a durable non-stitched seam. It has a 180 micron mesh, is resistant to bleach, caustics, and acids, and comes with a convenient resealable locking closure. It is available in a convenient 5 x 10 inch size. It is ideal for all filtration products and has an except..
Brand: Seachem Stock: In Stock
Durable seams & corrosive proof zipper secure all types of filter media.Excellent choice for most filter media.32 cm x 14 cmEasily holds up to 1 litre of aquarium filter media...
Brand: Seachem Stock: In Stock
The Large Zip Bag is a mesh bag for holding filtration media. It is available in a 48 cm x 43 cm (19” x 17”) size, easily holds 18 liters of filtration media, and it comes with a convenient corrosion-proof zipper. It is ideal for large filtration media, especially biofltration such as Matrix and Pon..
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