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Aquarium Anti Fungus

Effectively treat fungus, mouth fungus and fin & tail rot infections. Aquarium fish treatments that quickly controls fungal infections from Interpet, King British, API, NT Labs, Esha and Waterlife.
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An all-natural anti-fungal (anti-mycotic) treatment, containing an extract of Pimenta racemosa (the West Indian Bay tree). Treats fungal fish infections on the body and fins.Features: Safe for fish, pets and wildlife. 7 day treatment. 118ml treats 893 litres of water...
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Fin rot (mycobacteria sp.), mouthrot/mouthfungus (flexibacter sp.) and cotton wool disease (saprolegnia sp.) are common diseases of aquarium fish. Anti Fungus and Finrot must be used as soon as diagnosis has been made to prevent the disease spreading and causing fish death. For use with coldwater an..
King British Methylene Blue - 100ml King British Methylene Blue - 100ml
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King British Methylene Blue is a longstanding treatment for aquaria, used by generations of fish keepers. It is effective against a range of fungal & bacterial infections. For use in coldwater & tropical aquariums. One 100ml bottle will treat up to 900 litres of tank water.Active Ingredi..
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Certain species of bacteria such as Aeromonas and Pseudomonas cause fin, mouth and body tissue to be eaten away. Early diagnosis is essential to prevent the infection becoming fatal.Use when fish have red wounds, ulcers, missing scales, red blotches, rotting fins or eroded mouth tissue.How t..
Tetra FungiStop Plus - 20ml Tetra FungiStop Plus - 20ml
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Remedy designed to treat fungal infections and spawn fungus in freshwater ornamental fish. Also helps to treat external bacterial infections and mouth decay.Read the instructions carefully prior to use. For animal treatment only. Do not use once the expiry date has passed. Not suitable for inver..
Waterlife Protozin - 100ml
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Protozoacide and fungicide. For effective control of protozoan parasites e.g. whitespot, velvet, costiasis and trichodiniasis. Also treats fungusDo not use with rays, Mormyrids, crustaceans, molluscs or related species Size 100ml 4 day course for 250 litresTreats White Spot & Fungus..
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eSHa 2000 treats over 18 symptoms and disease organisms.For example primary and secondary fungal infections (white or slightly off white film or fluffy growths on the mouth, fins or body of your fish), bacterial skin infections and skin / gill parasites, protozoan parasites (discoloured skin pat..
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