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This must be one of the most helpful treatments for any aquarium-keeper to have on-hand.A healthy salt/fluid balance is crucial to a fish's wellbeing. When stressed or sick, the salt/fluid balance can be disturbed which further threatens the fish's health.Aqualibrium First Aid Salt is a unique physi..
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Reduces levels of disease-causing bacteria, fungus and parasites Safe for tropical and coldwater aquariumsContents: 100ml Disease Away Measuring Cap Treats 500 Litres Fish are fragile creatures and are easily stressed by situations you just cant avoid. Adding new fish, dealing with wate..
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Keep your goldfish healthier with this all-in-one treatment.Includes market leading breakthrough formulas for the best results.Features: Rapidly treats disease-causing bacteria, fungus and parasites Keep your goldfish glowing with health. Treat the most common goldfish diseases caused by bacter..
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Reduces stress when new fish are acclimatising. Increases the resistance of all fish species. Facilitates fish keeping. Aloe Vera protects mucous membranes. Multivitamin complexes with vitamin C and inosite strengthen the immune system. An iodine complex prevents iodine deficiency symptoms..
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Disease causing pathogens will be present in most aquariums although at low enough levels for fish not to show any symptoms. Helps to keep these pathogens under control to ensure your fish stay healthy. Can also be used to disinfect live foods to prevent the introduction of disease. Harmless to fil..
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When to use? Following use of Marine Anti-Bacterial, Marine Anti-Parasite or Marine Anti-Fluke & Wormer to support fish recovering from white spot (Cryptocaryon), marine velvet (Oodinium) or skin fluke infections (Gyrodactylus). Paratonical is also ideal for minor wounds and torn fins it is a u..
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