Caribsea Belize Branch Life Rock 20lb

In Store Only Caribsea Belize Branch Life Rock 20lb
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Don’t just put rocks in your tank, ROCK YOUR REEF with Life Rock Belize Branch 20lb! Spectacular branches make a reef tank go from nice to WOW! Life Rock Belize Branch fills an aquarium, but leaves open more area for fish and inverts to display. Amazing porosity, incredible biological performance (drops ammonia like real live rock), and unsurpassed realism make Life Rock the best and most cost effective rock choice for any aquarist.

It is safe for all fish and inverts, and is an aragonitic base material (does not contain cement), requires no curing, and is infused with spored, live bacteria.

  • Aragonitic base rock requires no curing and will not cause pH spikes
  • Eco- and budget-friendly alternative to wild live rock
  • Infused with spored bacteria to help proliferate beneficial bacteria

Give your aquarium the visual appeal and biological performance of live rock - without any impact on the world's coral reefs. Life Rock by CaribSea is the ecologically responsible (and budget conscious) alternative to wild live rock. It is made from aragonitic base rock similar in composition to real live rock. Life Rock is color matched to real coralline algae right out of the box. You get the deep-toned, mature look without having to wait for real coralline algae to colonize. Life Rock requires no cement or curing and will not cause pH spikes. This unique base rock offers extensive macro and microporosity infused with spored bacteria to encourage beneficial bacteria to colonize on the rock as soon as you place it into your aquarium. Arrives dry, very clean, and is safe for all fish and invertebrates. Great for any saltwater aquarium setup.

Quick Facts:

  • Great for hardwater aquaria
  • The ultimate base rock

Using your Caribsea Life Rock Belize Branch 20lb requires no curing or cement. It is clean and safe for all fish and invertebrates. Simply place in the aquarium using a pound or two per gallon of aquarium capacity as required to aquascape and fulfill aesthetic requirements.

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