Aqua Filter Sock 7" Opening 200 Micron

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Aqua Filter Sock 7" Opening 200 Micron is a convenient and effective way to mechanically remove organic material from an aquarium. Particulates such as detritus, excess food and waste build up over time in an aquarium and can result in unwanted odors, colours and toxic ammonia. Continuous use of Aqua Filter Socks will help maintain a clean and clear aquarium.


It is important to rinse thoroughly before use. Aqua Socks are designed to have the drain water from the aquarium run through them prior to entering the aquarium sump. To clean Aqua Socks, remove turn inside out and rinse under pressure.


Aqua Socks first use may cause your protein skimmer to produce an extremely wet foam for a period of no more than 24 hours. Be sure to make note of this and monitor your collection cup during the break-in period.

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