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As part of Fluval's complete line of cleaning accessories, the Cleaning Brush Set offers effective all-around cleaning to help maintain peak performance of your filter equipment. Key Features : Value pack includes Small (1/2"), Medium (1") and Large (2") brushes Small Brush is designed for cl..
Fluval Edge Algae Magnet
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Brand: Fluval Stock: Out Of Stock
The Fluval Algae Magnet is specifically designed for Fluval EDGE aquariums. The Algae Magnet enables you to clean the inside of the aquarium's glass without getting your hands wet. Its slim design is ideal for hard to reach areas, such as beneath the gravel line, behind heaters, around roc..
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The Fluval EDGE Gravel Cleaner is a convenient and effective tool for cleaning and maintaining a spotless aquarium. It features an easy-start valve that automatically begins siphoning by a simple up and down motion in the water. As you clean the aquarium, the gravel cleaner generates a continuous fl..
Fluval Edge Fish Catching Net Fluval Edge Fish Catching Net
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Brand: Fluval Stock: Out Of Stock
Fluval EDGE Fish Net provides a wide variety of features for making maintenance work in the aquarium very convenient. It has a 10-cm (4-in) triangular head that allows precise access to hard-to-reach places, such as corners or between decorative ornaments. The Edge Fish Net has a soft handle that ..
Fluval Sea Aquatic Aquascaping Epoxy Stick
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Brand: Fluval Stock: Out Of Stock
The Fluval Sea Aquatic Epoxy Stick provides exceptional bonding strength in a variety of aquascaping applications, including attaching rock structures, corals and certain aquatic plants to decorative surfaces. The epoxy is designed for use in freshwater and marine aquariums and bonds and cur..
Brand: Interpet Stock: In Stock
Plastic plants and aquarium ornaments inevitably end up covered in unsightly algae and stains. Ornaments and plastic plants can be soaked in a solution of Plastic Plant and Ornament Cleaner to restore them to their former glory.Use when unsightly algae and stains build up on your plastic plants and ..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
Super practical complete set for partial water changes with bottom cleaning in aquariums of 45-70 cm height, with water jet pump for the tap Easy to install: use the hose to connect the gravel cleaner (substrate cleaner) to the suction pump on the water tap. After siphoning the aquarium floor, move..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
Aquarium glass pane cleaner the Aqua T Handy has a 70mm stainless steel blade.Aqua-T Handy Features: Easily removes the most stubborn deposits (algae, etc.). Does not damage the silicon seal of the aquarium. Has a protective cap against injuries when not in use. Spare blades available separa..
JBL Aqua T Handy Replacement Blades
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Brand: JBL Stock: In Store Only
Package contents: 5 precision blades. Also fits on other models with a similar blade holder. Replacement stainless steel blades for the JBL Aqua T Handy & JBL Aqua T Handy Angle...
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
With robust 45 cm long handle from aluminum. Flexible attachment of Blanki to handle. Same features as JBL Blanki. Can JBL Blanki make scratches in the aquarium glass ? No, the stainless steel used in the Blanki has a lower hardness than glass so that it cannot scratch glass. Sc..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
The JBL Cleany is a double ended aquarium hose cleaning brush Steel helix fitted with a brush at either end to clean hoses of 9 mm or 30 mm I.D. as applicable. 160 cm long to clean all hoses. Filter hoses cleaned by means JBL Cleany will prevent a performance loss from occurring across the fi..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
JBL Floaty II Large Features For convenient and effective glass cleaning without getting your hands wet. There is no need to fish around in the aquarium any more if the inner part detaches from the magnet on the outside, as it floats to the top. No more scratched panes any more, as the interio..
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