JBL AquaBasis Plus Aquarium Substrate 5 Litre

JBL AquaBasis Plus Aquarium Substrate 5 Litre

JBL AquaBasis Plus (5 litre) is a long term nutrient substrate mixture for plants. It has 5 vital elements providing plant roots with the right basis.

  • Does not require mixing with gravel.
  • Contains all essential nutrients such as iron, minerals and trace elements.
  • Clay pellets act as a nutrient store, absorbing excess nutrients and releasing them again as required.
  • Effective for a minimum of 3 years.
Nutrition for aquarium plants

Healthy plants are important in every aquarium. Plants provide the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium inhabitants, prevent algae growth and remove problem-causing substances.

Healthy plants = healthy fish

A lot of aquarium plants absorb their nutrients additionally or even mainly through their roots. It is therefore important to provide the plant roots with nutrients. JBL AquaBasis Plus contains all the essential nutrients for healthy and vigorous aquarium plant growth. The function can easily be compared to a charged battery: JBL AquaBasis Plus supplies the energy (nutrients) for the plants and, when the supply runs low it can be recharged with the help of liquid fertilisers (JBL Ferropol und JBL FerropolRoot).

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