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Test Sets

JBL Aquarium Easy Test 6in1
Brand: JBL Stock: Discontinued
JBL Easy Test 6in1 test strips for quick water testing 50 test strips. NEW: With a chlorine test (disinfectant in tap water). pH test from 6.4 to 9.0 (acidity of the water). KH test from 0 to 20 °dKH (pH stability of the water). GH test from <1 to > 21 °dGH (general hardness). Nitr..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
Test strips for testing 7 important water values in 1 minute: quick test for general guidance when testing aquarium, pond, well and tap water.Easy to use: Move the test strip in the water for 2-3 seconds. Remove the test strip. Let the water drain off sideways. Compare the test strip with the colour..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
JBL Test Combi Set Test for freshwater aquarium water testing.Healthy aquariums with conditions close to nature The right water values are dependent on the fish stock and the plants in the aquarium. Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can appear in..
Brand: NT Labs Stock: In Stock
NT Labs Aquarium Water Mini Test tests three water parameters (pH, Ammonia, Nitrite), with full instructions to help diagnose and treat sickness in aquarium fish, optimum levels and suggestions for correction. Comprising 120 tests Tests 3 Water Parameters Helps Diagnose Sick Fish ..
Brand: Tetra Stock: In Stock
With Tetra Test 6 in 1, quickly test the aquarium water to ensure it is in top condition, and to help avoid any problems. Fast and easy testing of water quality Dip test for checking 6 water quality indicators in just 60 seconds Measures pH, Carbonate (KH), General Hardne..
API Freshwater Master Test Kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: API Stock: Out Of Stock
This API Freshwater Master Test Kit tests aquarium and tap water for five different parameters that affect the health of freshwater fish: pH High Range pH Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate Highly accurate and economical. Unique, transparent dome allows cle..
Brand: API Stock: In Stock
To maintain and grow healthy corals, the correct balance of calcium and carbonates is essential, as are low levels of phosphate and nitrate. This kit provides highly accurate testing for each of these critical parameters: Calcium KH Phosphate Nitrate ..
Brand: API Stock: In Stock
A complete kit for testing marine aquarium water. Tests water four ways to protect marine fish and invertebrates from dangerous water conditions. Saltwater Kit includes tests for: High Range pH Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate Four test tubes Holding ..
Interpet Complete Aquarium Dip Test
Out Of Stock
Brand: Interpet Stock: Out Of Stock
Easy TestComplete aquarium dip test kit for quick and easy water testing.Essential tests for:AmmoniaNitriteNitratepHWater Hardness (KH & GH)60 TESTS..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
The JBL ProScan contains 24 analysis strips ( GH, KH, pH, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and for the calculation of CO₂) with matching JBL ProScan Colour Card. The colour chart serves as a reference when scanning the analysis strip. The result is evaluated and, where necessary, instructions are displaye..
Brand: JBL Stock: In Stock
The JBL ProScan Recharge is 24 analysis strips for digital evaluation with the JBL ProScan app. These analysis strips are specially designed for the JBL ProScan app. They can only be evaluated with the colour reference chart in the JBL ProScan and the free JBL ProScan app.Quick start guide: Dip the ..
JBL Test Combi Set Marin (Marine Aquarium Test Kit) JBL Test Combi Set Marin (Marine Aquarium Test Kit)
Out Of Stock
Brand: JBL Stock: Out Of Stock
Having set up your marine aquarium the water values need to be measured between daily and weekly, to find out how well the aquarium is developing and when it is ready for the animals to be added. The carbonate hardness indicates the pH stability of the water. It should be between 7 and 10 °dKH. Ammo..
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