JBL Algol Algae Treatment - 100ml

JBL Algol Algae Treatment - 100ml
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  • Solves algae problems.
  • Effective without copper.
  • Reliably combats green, brown, slimy, filamentous (blanket weed), floating and spot algae.
  • The effect is such that results are only seen after a few days, but in return the plants do not suffer any damage!

Highly effective in preventing algae growth in freshwater aquariums.

  • An initial slight cloudiness shows its effectivness and diappears after a few days.
  • Safe for fish when dosed and used properly.
  • Ensure sufficient oxygen content through water agitation and aeration!
  • For up to 400 litres.

JBL Algol 100ml: Should always be applied in the morning! A partial water change of is recommended prior to use. Shake vigorously for approx 1 minute before using. Add the required amount of JBL Algol to the aquarium water in a position where there is good water movement. Dead algae will polute the water and should be removed.

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