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Brand: Fluval
Fluval Sea Hydrometer provides an accurate and convenient method of measuring specific gravity and salt level in marine aquariums. Compact and easy to use, the hydrometer can be permanently installed inside the tank for continuous readings. Its slim, low-profile design camouflages well inside the ..
Tetra Tec Comfort Aquarium Hydrometer
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Brand: Tetra
Marine fish and corals require stable water conditions, which makes regular checking of salinity important. It’s also necessary to check salinity when making up new water for water changes. The TetraTec Hydrometer makes it simple to accurately check the salt content of water, giving precise readings..
TMC AquaHabitats Hydrometer
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Brand: TMC
Combined aquarium Hydrometer & Thermometer.Will give a salinity reading with an accuracy of 0.002.You just need to gently lower this hydrometer into your aquarium water, the hydrometer will need to float freely without being in contact with any surface and a reading can then be taken at the leve..
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