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Aquarium Nitrate Test Kits

Simple and reliable test kits for the monitoring of nitrate (No3) in aquariums.

Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can appear in the aquarium. To maintain a healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature it is important to check and test the water values regularly.

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Determines the optimal nitrate value for perfect plant growth or possible cause of algae growth in freshwater and marine water Laboratory comparator system to compensate the inherent water colour: fill glass vials with sample water, add reagents to one vial, place vials in holder, read values off c..
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Nitrate is the waste product of naturally occurring bacteria (Nitrospira spp.) turning nitrite into relatively non-toxic nitrate. In a typical aquarium, nitrate is the final stage of nitrification and usually accumulates with time.Why test for nitrate? Invertebrates do not tolerate a high level..
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Nitrate is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the water and filters as they break down the fish’s toxic waste products (ammonia and nitrite). Nitrate is not typically toxic to fish, but excessively high levels (>100mg/l) can cause problems with growth.What is the correct nitrate level? T..
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Tetra Test Nitrate Kit measures the nitrate value reliably and precisely Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariumApplication: The TetraTest Nitrate kit is a liquid kit, which works by changing the colour of a water sample in relation to the nitrate concentration. You simply need to compare ..
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Waterlife Nitrate Test Kit - Measures nitrate which causes algae growthWhat is nitrate?Nitrite is oxidised into Nitrate (chemical symbol NO3) by nitrobacter, filtration bacteria. Excessive levels of nitrate in an aquarium are responsible for poor fish colouration, lehtargy, a failure t..
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The kit measures nitrite to less than 0.1 mg/L and nitrate to less than 0.2 mg/L in marine or freshwater. MultiTest Nitrite & Nitrate performs over 75 tests and contains a reference sample for validation.Features: Multi-cavity for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same time. Sensi..
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