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Aquarium PO4 Test Kits

Simple and reliable test kits for the monitoring of phosphate (PO4) in aquariums.

Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated. With bad values diseases or algae can appear in the aquarium. To maintain a healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature it is important to check and test the water values regularly.

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Determines the phosphate value for perfect plant growth or possible cause of algae growth in freshwater/marine water & ponds Laboratory comparator system to compensate the inherent water colour: fill glass vials with sample water, add reagents to a vial, place vials in holder, read values off c..
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Phosphate is an essential component in fish nutrition, but is also produced as a waste product by fish. Phosphate is practically non-toxic to fish, but excess phosphate can cause unwanted algae and will inhibit coral growth.Why test for phosphate? Maintaining a low level of phosphate is essenti..
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How do I do the test? Ensure the test tube is clean.Take a 5 ml sample of aquarium water into the test tube. Add 5 drops of the phosphate reagent, place the cap on the tube and mix gently for a few seconds. Wait 5 minutes for the test to develop, remove the cap and look down through the test tube t..
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The kit measures inorganic phosphate to less than 0.05 mg/L, producing a unique easy to read yellow-green-blue colour range in marine and freshwater. Performs over 75 tests and contains a reference sample for validation. Range: 0–3.0 mg/L. Precision: 0.001–0.1 mg/L.Features:Measures inorganic phosph..
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