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Bermuda My First Pond Kit

Bermuda My First Pond Kit
Bermuda My First Pond Kit
Bermuda My First Pond Kit
Bermuda My First Pond Kit
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Bermuda My First Pond Kit
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  • Brand: Bermuda
  • Model: BER1000
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Children of all ages love being outdoors, exploring and learning about wildlife. So help them interact with nature by creating their very own small, natural wildlife pond.

The Bermuda My First Pond Kit includes some of the key products needed to get them started including; PVC pond liner, a fountain pump, water conditioner, barley straw, a pond net, magnifying glass and a pond dipping guide book to help identify all the minibeasts that could start to live in their pond.

Pond dipping is a great way to have fun but please remember to always supervise children near water.

Kit Contains:

  • PVC Pond Liner – 2.5m x 2m Dig out your pond and line the hole with this liner ready to fill with water.
  • Fountain Pump – 1000 lph Creates an attractive fountain and adds vital oxygen to the pond.
  • Tap Water Conditioner – 250ml Removes harmful chlorine making tap water safe for the wildlife.
  • Barley Straw – Mini Bale Natural and safe way to reduce green algae in ponds.
  • Pond Fish Net - Have fun catching pond creatures, ready to start exploring.
  • Magnifying Glass - Get a closer look at the insects, bugs and creepy crawlies you find.
  • Pond Dipping Guide Book - Explore and learn about the minibeasts living in your pond.
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