Blagdon Treat Pond Blanket Weed Algaway Large

Blagdon Treat Pond Blanket Weed Algaway Large

Blagdon have led the way in pond treatments for many years.

This powerful treatment is for fighting blanketweed and string algae.

By using just one cap full of Blagdon Blanket weed for every 650 litres of water, you can eliminate Blanket Weed quickly and help keep your pond clear.

This bottle can treat 45,845 Litres.

Algaway Features:

  • Effective treatment for ponds against string algae and blanket weed.
  • This easy to use treatment also encourages pond plant growth.
  • It is safe for use around wildlife and pets.
  • Treats 45845 Litres
  • Maintenance: Dosage guidelines on bottle. To increase the product's rate of effectiveness, try to remove as much blanket weed as you can by hand. We recommend that the pond has a good level of aeration while using any treatment. To maintain a healthy pond, regular water changes should be carried out. To treat an affected pond, use every week for one month then as required thereafter.

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