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Blagdon Green Away - 500ml

Blagdon Green Away - 500ml
Blagdon Green Away - 500ml
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About this product

Blagdon Green Away 500 ml works by making algae clump together - algae then sinks to floor or gets stuck in filter. Use Blagdon Green Away as a great short-term solution to green water in your garden pond.

Why Use:

  • Is not an algicide, so does not pose a threat to your pond's ecological system.
  • It is harmless to filters, all species of pond fish, plants and water using wildlife.
  • It is important to remove these larger particles from the bottom of your pond.
  • The particles will now be larger enough to be removed by a pond filter.
  • Or use a sludge treatment to clear the sediment away (such as Blagdon's Sludge Buster).


  • 500ml treats ponds up to 10000 litres
  • Clears suspended green water algae

Always read manufacturers instructions before using.

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