Blagdon Pond or Feature Pump & LED light

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Pond or water feature pump with LED light.

This pump has been designed to enhance your garden with the sight and sound of moving water it is mains free solar powered/recharged with a Lithium battery.

Pump & LED:

  • Pump Power (DC) 1.25w
  • Size 55mm x 100mm x 47mm
  • Max flow rate 200lph
  • Max pumping hieght 1.25m
  • Pump cable length 5m
  • Light power 0.15w
  • Light cable length 5m

Battery & Solar panel:

  • 2.5w
  • Li-ion Max 6hr battery back up
  • Panel size 190mm x 150mm x 50mm
  • IP44

The solar panel can be Ground mounted or Wall/fence mounted:

Ground mounted: Insert solar panel bracket into one end of the tube, insert the ground spike into the opposite end, and push into your chosen area of ground.

Wall/fence mounted: Using the supplied wall plugs and screws, attach the wall/fence mounting bracket to your chosen wall or fence. Next slide on the tube, followed by the solar panel bracket.

Once you have mounted the bracket in your chosen location slide the lip on the reverse of the solar panel into the groove present on the bracket. Then using the wingnut adjust the angle of the panel to between 30° and 45° from vertical.

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