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Esha 2000 20ml Wide Range Fungus Finrot & Bacteria Treatment

eSHa 2000 treats over 18 symptoms and disease organisms.For example primary and secondary fungal infections (white or slightly off white film or fluffy growths on the mouth, fins or body of your f..


eSHa EXIT 20ml Anti Whitespot Treatment

eSHa EXIT treats all 'Spot' (Ich or Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) causing parasitic species. Symptoms: white spots on the body and fins, rubbing and scratching against hard objects. eSHa EXIT distingu..


eSHa GASTROPEX 20ml Anti Snail Treatment

GASTROPEX effectively combats aquatic snails in your aquarium. Use GASTROPEX to stop snails destroying aquatic plants and transmitting disease to your fish.Destroys all aquatic snails Well tolera..


eSHa Gdex 20ml Anti Fluke Treatment

eSHa gdex is specially developed against skin and gill flukes (like Gyrodactylus sp. and Dactylogyrus sp.) and tapeworms (Cestoda).One of the many advantages is that the product can be used in combina..


Esha Oodinex 20ml Wide Range Marine Treatment

Wide range marine treatment that is invertebrate friendly. eSHa OODINEX is a wide range disease treatment for Marine fish in aquariums containing inverts. OODINEX'S wide range action treats many symp..


eSHa Trimarin 20ml Marine Disease Treatment

eSHa TRIMARIN is a wide range disease treatment for Marine fish in non-invert aquariums.- Effectively treats many disease organisms.- Eliminates the danger of choosing the wrong treatment.TRIMARIN sol..