Fiji Mud - 2.7Kg

Fiji Mud - 2.7Kg
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Natural South Pacific reef mud fills your refugium with minerals and nutrients

Contains trace elements and small organisms to feed your hard or soft corals

Walt Smith's reef mud feeds your reef aquarium the essential minerals and nutrients. Natural ocean mud from the islands of Fiji in the South Pacific feeds and nourishes your hard or soft corals. Contains naturally-occurring major and minor trace elements.

The mud is also rich with a multitude of 5 to 100 micron-sized organisms that benefit Acropora and other small polyp stony corals.


  • Refugium - apply 1-2" directly to your refugium.
  • Aquarium - one teaspoon (5 ml) 380 L twice weekly mix the appropriate amount of mud with aquarium water and pour directly into the water flow. The water will become cloudy but will clear overnight.

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