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Hugo Kamishi Phosphate Remover Filter Pad

Hugo Kamishi Phosphate Remover Filter Pad
Hugo Kamishi Phosphate Remover Filter Pad


  • This is a polyfibre pad infused with a phosphate reducer
  • This pad will Quickly lower phosphate levels in freshwater and marine aquariums
  • It will Provide additional mechanical filtration to trap waste from aquarium water
  • We suggest you replace approx once every 3 weeks
  • Cut to size to fit any hang on filters , canister filters, internal filters , external filters , wet and dry filters

You can Boost mechanical filtration and therefore avoid potential algae outbreak due to excess phosphate levels.

The Hugo kamishi Phosphate Reducing Pad is a rigid polyfiber pad infused with a fast-acting phosphate reducer which will then provide effective mechanical and chemical filtration. The pad quickly lowers phosphate levels and traps unsightly free-floating debris to improve water quality in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.