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Pondxpert In-Line DeChlorinator

Pondxpert In-Line DeChlorinator
Pondxpert In-Line DeChlorinator
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  • Brand: PondXpert
  • Model: PXILPDC
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  • Treats up to 200000 Litres volume at 4LPM.

The In-line De-chlorinator contains carbon and our unique ceramet granular ceramics which:

  • Produce Far Infrared Rays – exciting the water molecules and changing the pH, ORP (oxygen reduction potential)and DO (dissolved oxygen) percentage of the water.
  • Have an ionic surface with produces 0.3 milliamps and converts chlorine to harmless chloride.
  • Have Na type ion exchange capabilities removing harmful trace heavy metals.
  • Have a massive internal surface area which captures bacteria and kills by electrolytic action.
  • Improves water quality and reduces fish stress and ailments.