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Interpet Anti White Spot - 100ml

Interpet Anti White Spot - 100ml
Interpet Anti White Spot - 100ml
Interpet Anti White Spot - 100ml
Interpet Anti White Spot - 100ml
Interpet Anti White Spot - 100ml
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About this product

White spot is the most common parasitic problem in aquariums.

This treatment eliminate freshwater white spot.

For use with coldwater and tropical fish in freshwater systems only.

Effective new active ingredients advanced dye based ingredients harmless to filters and all species of fish, except Mormyrids (Elephant Nose Fish).

Harmless to plants.



  • 100ml Anti White Spot
  • Pipette
  • Measuring Cap
  • Guide to Fish Health
Treats 500 litres.

You dont need us to tell you that White Spot is a horrible condition with an eventual 100% mortality rate on untreated aquariums. The white spot you see on your fish is a cyst containing the white spot parasite. Once the adult parasite leaves your fishs skin, it swims freely and reproduces, ready to create more parasites to attach to other fish in your aquarium But help is at hand with Anti White Spot Plus.

It successfully kills the parasite during the free-swimming stage of the white spot life cycle. The product remains active for several days, to ensure the free-swimming parasites are destroyed as they emerge. Follow instructions carefully for the best result and the healthiest fish.

Use for removing white spot (Ichthyophthirius sp.) and other invisible parasites from your aquarium.

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