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Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe - 500ml

Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe - 500ml
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Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe - 500ml
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About this product

Instantly makes tap water safe for all fish adds Aloe Vera and beneficial bacteria.

Its a fact of life that untreated tap water can be dangerous for aquatic life. Chlorine and heavy metals create a hostile environment which can make your fish unwell. Bioactive Tapsafe removes these nasties from your tap water. It also adds soothing aloe vera to help protect and heal fish skin and gills, and beneficial bacteria to help maintain a healthy balance in your aquarium. The result? Perky, happy fish full of vigour. Use to treat fresh tap water before you add it to your aquarium. For instance when setting up a new aquarium, doing a water change, topping up your aquarium or when adding new fish.

Tapsafe has 5 steps of protection for your fish:

  • Instantly removes toxic Chlorine
  • Instantly removes toxic Chloramine
  • Instantly removes toxic metal e.g. Copper
  • Instantly adds Aloe vera - a protective healing coating for the delicate skin and gills of the fish
  • Instantly adds beneficial bacteria - a blend of bioactive bacteria to boost essential biological cycles and consume toxic waste

Directions for use:

Calculate how much tap water you are adding to the aquarium then add:

  • 1 x Outer capful of Tapsafe for every 225 litres
  • 1 x Inner capful of Tapsafe for every 45 litres
  • Treats up to 4500 litres
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