Interpet CF Mini Internal Aquarium Filter

Interpet CF Mini Internal Aquarium Filter

Aquariums are a closed system and any waste or dirt produced by fish and plants remains in the water. A filter is necessary to act as a waste processing plant, trapping dirt and removing dyes for crystal clear water, processing fish waste and creating healthy water, removing algae food to prevent algae growth, circulating and aerating water to maximise oxygenation.

The Interpet Internal Cartridge Filtration system represents the more versatile, comprehensive and easy-to-use filter available. With its distinctive, easy located hanging cradle the filters are easy to fit and with the easy access open top, these filters are also simple to maintain.

These filters have an effective five stage filtration:

  1. Biomedia - creates healthy water by acting as a home for essential bacteria which remove toxic fish waste.
  2. Mechanical floss - cleans water by trapping fine waste.Carbon - purifies water by removing dyes, toxins, heavy metals and odours.
  3. Algaway spheres - reduce unsightly algae by removing phosphate, algae’s favourite food.
  4. Oxygenated - clear and healthy water returns to the aquarium.

Filter cartridges need to be changed once a month.

Service packs for Interpet cartridge filters are available in 1 and 3 months packs.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Interpet Internal Cartridge Filter - Mini
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

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