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Interpet CF2 Three Month Service Pack

Interpet CF2 Three Month Service Pack
Interpet CF2 Three Month Service Pack
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  • Product Code: IP2320
  • Weight: 0.19kg
  • Pack Dimensions: 11.60cm x 7.20cm x 11.80cm
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About this product

Why do I need to replace my cartridge?

  1. Filter cartridge floss will become blocked with trapped material and the carbon capacity for removing toxins will become exhausted.
  2. The Algaway pad's ability to remove algae food will be exhausted.

Replace both every month to keep your aquarium healthy, clean, clear and algae free.


  • 3 x CF2 Filter cartridge - clears and purifies water.
  • 3 x Algaway pad - reduces unsightly algae.

Instructions for use:

Remember to change your filter cartridge and Algaway pad to keep your aquarium healthy, clear, clean and algae free.

  1. Remove and discard old filter cartridge, replace with a new cartridge - ensure the cartridge is fully inserted the right way round ('FRONT' on tab facing forwards) in the correct slot in the filter body.
  2. Remove the holster from the filter and slide out the old Algaway pad and discard. Insert the new Algaway pad into the holster and reinsert into the filter body.

After cleaning your filter, or when adding new fish, it is advisable to add a filter starter to boost the beneficial bacteria population of your aquarium.

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