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Interpet Deltatherm - 25 Watt

Interpet Deltatherm - 25 Watt
Interpet Deltatherm - 25 Watt
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Interpet Deltatherm - 25 Watt
Interpet Deltatherm - 25 Watt
Interpet Deltatherm - 25 Watt
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About this product

Based on Interpet's exclusive knowledge of aquarium heater production these heaters are extreme reliable due to their extra thickened safety glass and a plastic end cap for added safety.

They ensure peace of mind and good value for money with a 2-year guarantee.

They have a positive click-control for precise temperature adjustment.

Ideal for aquarium with the capacity of 5-30 litres (1-7 gallons) and length of 46cm (18 inches).

  • Precise & reliable temperature control
  • Double insulated & fully submersible
  • Ideal for marine & freshwater fish

  • Before installing your DeltaTherm aquarium heater, ensure the glass tube has not been damaged in transit.
  • Check that the voltage of the mains supply corresponds to the voltage shown on the heater.
  • Fix the suckers to the heater and adjust the temperature control dial to the desired setting. The heater is pre-set to 24°C, the ideal temperature for most tropical fish. However, if you require a higher or lower setting this is easily achieved by adjusting the dial on top of the heater. You should never adjust the temperature by more than +/- 2°C at one time if there are fish in the aquarium.
  • Install the DeltaTherm in the aquarium by attaching the suckers to the glass, ensuring that the heater is completely submerged. The heater must not be in contact with the glass or any other material in the aquarium. It must not be buried or partly covered by the aquarium substrate. The heater should never be turned on out of water. If removing the heater from the aquarium, turn it off and allow at least 15 minutes before taking it out of the water. This allows it to cool down.
  • The heater should be placed diagonally in the aquarium, rather than vertically or horizontally. Incorrect placement may result in inaccurate temperature control, as the thermostat is at the top of the heater.
  • When the heater is in operation, the red light will indicate when the heating is taking place. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the integral thermostat will turn the heater off. This can clearly be seen as nthe red light will turn off. If the heater fails to reach the desired temperature, or the temperature fluctuates significantly, the heater is under-powered for your aquarium and you should buy a higher wattage or an additional heater.

Interpet has been at the forefront of aquarium technology for over 50 years and has unrivalled experience in the aquarium heater market.

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