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Interpet Fast Filter Start - 125ml

Interpet Fast Filter Start - 125ml
Interpet Fast Filter Start - 125ml
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About this product

Add vital beneficial bacteria to your aquarium for better filtration and lower fish mortality.

Introduce new fish in confidence with no worry about new aquarium syndrome.


  • Establish a balanced and healthy aquarium
  • Prevent fish loss
  • Treats up to 4500 litres
  • 1ml per 36 litres
Establish a healthy balance in your aquarium filter by adding Fast Filter Start. Filter bacteria are like the back-room heroes of your aquarium.

You cant see them; you perhaps didnt even know they were there. But without filter bacteria, waste produced by fish, plants and decaying food doesnt break down effectively. This results in many of the fish health problems common to new aquariums.

Filter bacteria can take several weeks to become established, but there is a sneaky shortcut. Add Fast Filter Start to your aquarium to add cultures of selected bacteria to your filter. This will rapidy start the waste breakdown process in your aquarium.

Perfect for kick-starting your filter in a new aquarium or re-establishing bacteria levels after completing routine filter maintenance.

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