Interpet Insight LED 40 Litre Aquarium Kit

Interpet Insight LED 40 Litre Aquarium Kit
Interpet Insight LED 40 Litre Aquarium is an advanced aquarium kit with high performance LED lighting suitable for tropical and cold water fish.

  • High performance LED lighting for day and night viewing
  • Aquacare Reminder System
  • Easy care effective cartridge filter system
  • Curved glass for a panoramic view

High performance dual LED lighting.

Efficient long life span creates bright yet economical lighting from low wattage LEDs.

Bright White for:

  • lush plant or coral growth without encouraging algae
  • attractive ripple effect

Blue Moon for:

  • softer more relaxed night time viewing

Easy clean.

  1. High surface area bio cartridge acts by removing toxic waste.
  2. Replaceable cartridge includes: Fine Floss to trap fine waste. Carbon to remove dissolved dyes and organics, leaving crystal clear water.
  3. UNIQUE Algaway pod prevents unsightly algae.

Interpet Deltatherm.

  • Easy adjust thermastat reliably keeps the aquarium water temperature stable.

Intergrated flasing reminder system.

  • Makes keeping a healthy aquarium easy by ensuring you never forget essential aquarium care such s water changes or filter care.

Essentials for a successful aquarium start-up.

Tapsafe - makes tap water sake for fish keeping.

  • Removes harmful chlorine and heavy metals
  • Adds essential bacteria and protective 'Aloe Vera'

Filter Start - Kick starts the biological filter system by adding beneficial bacteria that work to remove harmful fish waste.

Size: 49(W) x 27(D) x 38.5(H) cm Volume: 40L

Fish and aquarium decor not included.

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