Interpet PF1 Super Fine Filter Pads - 5 Pack

Interpet PF1 Super Fine Filter Pads - 5 Pack

Mechanical filtration is the term used to describe the removal of particulate waste from the aquarium. This includes uneaten food, dead plant matter, fish waste and surfactants such as dust. In your PF filter, the filter foam provides the bulk of the mechanical filtration.

To remove very fine particles that may have passed through the plain and carbon foams, you should use these super fine filter pads.

These will remove minute particles and will give your aquarium a sparklingly clean appearance. Simply add a pad next to the carbon foam.

The filter pads are disposable and should be replaced every 2-4 weeks to ensure your filter operates at maximum efficiency.

If you find that the pads are blocking too frequently then remove them. This may indicate over feeding or over stocking of fish. Increase the frequency of your partial water changes and lower feeding before using the pads again.

Interpet PF1 Super Fine Filter Pads Part No. 2250

5 filter pads in pack.

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