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Interpet PF2 Six Month Service Kit - 3 Pack

Interpet PF2 Six Month Service Kit - 3 Pack
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Interpet PF2 Six Month Service Kit - 3 Pack
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About this product

The white foam in your PF2 filter performs two essential tasks that ensure optimum water quality.

Mechanical Filtration:

This is the term used to describe the removal of particulate waste (such as uneaten food and plant matter) from the aquarium.

Biological Filtration:

In your PF2 internal filter, the same foam also acts as a media for essential beneficial bacteria to inhabit. These bacteria break down toxic ammonia and nitrite, caused by fish waste, uneaten food, decaying plant and algae matter.

It is very important that you clean the white foam only in water from the aquarium never in tap water. Simply remove a bucket or jug of water from the aquarium as part of your regular water change regime, and rinse the foam until unblocked.

When replacing your foam we recommend you cut the foam in two, and use part old and part new foams together to ensure a continual presence of bacteria.

Interpet PF2 Plain Filter Pads Part No. 2232
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