JBL Acclimol Stress Reducer - 100ml

JBL Acclimol Stress Reducer - 100ml
  • Reduces stress when new fish are acclimatising.
  • Increases the resistance of all fish species.
  • Facilitates fish keeping.
  • Aloe Vera protects mucous membranes.
  • Multivitamin complexes with vitamin C and inosite strengthen the immune system.
  • An iodine complex prevents iodine deficiency symptoms.
  • For up to 400 litres

Your fish need because:

JBL Acclimol 100ml contains high quality vitamins and plant extracts that allow aquarium fish to acclimatise to their new enviroment without problems and stress. Stress caused by catching and handling is quickly overcome and your fish soon feel completely at ease in their new surroundings. Acclimol will also help prevent new associated diseases from forming in the aquarium due to stress.

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