JBL Aqua In Out Complete Aquarium Set

JBL Aqua In Out Complete Aquarium Set
  • A water jet creates suction which draws the water out of the tank.
  • It even siphones with a water jet pump when the tank is situated below the level of the sink!
  • Ready for connection to most water taps with the two enclosed 28 x 1/22 x 1 & G3/4 M24 adapters.
  • Comes with a gravel cleaner and an 8 m hose.
  • After siphoning, the pump just needs to be switched to fill.

Using the new JBL Aqua In Out Complete Set, changing water is no longer messy, awkward, complicated or even impossible if the aquarium is positioned lower than the sink! The trick behind the new JBL Water Changing Set: a suction pump connected to the mains tap and simple to operate uses the suction of the stream of water to siphon water out of the aquarium, even if the outlet is not lower than the aquarium. Using the well-designed sediment bell provided, the dirt can be removed from the aquarium. Simply turn the suction pump to refill the aquarium with water. A clever hose clip (JBL ClipSafe) secures the hose to the edge of the aquarium, preventing an accidental swamp in the living room. Although all the components are available from JBL individually, aquarium enthusiasts will welcome the appearance of this all-in-one set. In the event that the distance to the drain is further than the 8 m hose provided, a JBL Aqua In-Out Extension Set with a further 8 m hose is available (incl. hose connection and screw fitting).

JBL Aqua In Out Complete Set - 8m (hose)

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