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JBL Cocos Cava 1/1 L

JBL Cocos Cava 1/1 L
JBL Cocos Cava 1/1 L
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JBL Cocos Cava 1/1 L
JBL Cocos Cava 1/1 L
JBL Cocos Cava 1/1 L
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About this product

Suitable for freshwater aquariums coconut shell cave.

  • Hiding and spawning place for fish, sleeping and hiding place for terrarium animals: coconut shells for aquariums and terrariums
  • Decoration for individual design: reproduction of the animals‘ biotopes with natural materials – decoration atractive for animals and humans
  • Natural product, water neutral: no release of unwanted pollutants into the water
  • Tip: rinse the decoration under running water before using it in the aquarium
  • Contents: coconut shell Cocos Cava. Note: Since this is a natural product, the size can slightly differ

Aquarium dwellers need a place to feel comfortable and secure. In their natural surroundings they choose roots or caves. These are used as hiding, spawning or sleeping places. Create a piece of genuine habitat for your aquarium pets.

Approx. Size(l/h/w):125/130/125 mm

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