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JBL Floaty Blade

JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
Out Of Stock
JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
JBL Floaty Blade
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  • Pack Dimensions: 13.00cm x 5.50cm x 265.00cm
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About this product

  • Cleans aquarium panes of 8 to 15 mm thickness conveniently and effectively: pane cleaning magnet with blade and floating internal element. Also suitable for curved panes
  • Easy to use: float the internal element on the water at the edge of the aquarium tank, use the external element to pull the internal element. Guide the magnet from the outside. Clean the pane in straight sliding movements
  • Patented edge protection: protection of aquarium silicone seals thanks to bevelled edges, swimming internal element: no scratches on the pane caused by trapped gravel stones. Also suitable for curved panes
  • Convenient to use: accesses hard-to-reach spots thanks to angles cleaning edge (e.g. behind technical equipment), blunt blade insert for particularly stubborn deposits (e.g. calcareous algae), reach into corners without getting your hands wet
Package contents: 1 JBL Floaty Blade floating pane cleaning magnet with blade

Easy to use:

Separate the floating internal element from the external element and place it on the water at the edge of the aquarium. Hold the external element close to the aquarium pane to attract the swimming part. Move the magnet from the outside with light circular movements over the aquarium pane surface.

With the JBL FloatyBlade, straight movements are more useful to remove the algae deposits in lanes.Convenient to use A protruding cleaning edge even allows access into hard-to-reach spots, such as behind technical devices. Reaches into corners easily without you getting your hands wet.

With the blunt blade insert you even can remove very stubborn deposits (e.g. calcareous algae).Gentle on the aquarium The edge protection, patented by JBL, protects the silicone seams of the aquarium tank with the help of angled edges.

The swimming internal element cannot fall into the gravel and cause trapped gravel stones to scratch the pane. There is no longer any need to fish around in the aquarium if the internal part becomes detached from the magnet.

What’s worth bearing in mind when cleaning your panes?

The glass aquarium panes are, in contrast to the plastic (acrylic/plexiglass) panes, harder than steel. This means they cannot be scratched with blades or metal pads. However, the gravel and sand in the aquarium is harder and can cause scratches if it gets between the cleaner and the glass. So be careful when you’re getting close to the ground with the glass cleaner. The silicone seams of your aquarium are also at risk. Avoid damaging the silicone seams with pane cleaning blades. 

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