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JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root

JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root
JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root
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JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root
JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root
JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root
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About this product

  • Concentrated iron and minerals stored in tablet form to promote the root development of aquarium plants
  • Press one tablet per month deep into to the root area of the soil. 1 tablet/5-10 stems
  • Supplies plants with: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulphur. manganese, molybdenum, zinc, boron, cobalt and copper in a plant-available form
  • Reduces algae growth through optimal promotion of plant growth. No water pollution, since the nutrients remain in the soil

Package contents: 30 JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root tablets for aquarium plant roots. Suitable for invertebrates

Healthy and attractive aquarium plants:

Depending on their species aquatic plants absorb a significant portion of their mineral nutrient supply through their roots. The stronger the aquatic plant root, the more nutrients are absorbed this way. In addition the root hairs of aquatic plants have the particular facility to solubilize precipitated iron (Fe3+) and thus supply it to the plants. Plant genera which absorb a lot of nutrients through the roots: Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne, Vallisneria, Crinum, Nymphea. Plant genera which absorb their nutrients through the leaves and roots: Ludwigia, Limnophila, Hygrophila, Alternanthera, Cabomba

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