Lotus Clear Pond 80 Multi Stage Pond Filter

-15% More on the way Lotus Clear Pond 80 Multi Stage Pond Filter
Lotus Clear Pond filters give Clarity & Purity in an advanced multi stage filter with high powered U.V.C and quick action back flush (De-Sludge) system.

The Clear Pond 80 is capable of filtering a pond of up to 50000 litres in size subject to fish stock & pond location.

All Lotus Clear Pond filter models come fitted with:

  • A high powered UVC to eliminate green water.
  • Include filter brushes to remove physical waste.
  • Filter foam and Flocor to create a mass area for benificial bacteria.

Lotus Clear Pond filters are designed for simple and easy cleaning of the filter box of dirt and silt.

Clear Pond 80 Features:

  1. Powerful Ultra Violet - Controls green water
  2. Brush Chamber - Removes heavy solids
  3. Back Flush Outlet - For quick de-sludge
  4. Back Flush Hose Inlet - For when full de-sludge is required
  5. Foam Cartridge Chamber - Highly efficient foam cartridges for mechanical & biological filtration
  6. Biological Chamber - Multi layered foams for mechanical & biological filtration: Coarse, Medium & Fine grade foams used
  7. Top In Top Out - Filter box can be partly buried

When choosing one of the Lotus Clear Pond filters pick the most suitable model for the size of your pond. If you are close to your ponds capacity always upgrade to the next model.

Supplied with a Lotus clear water guarantee when combined with the recommended pump.

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