Lotus Heavy Duty Green Reset 60 (20000) Pressure Filter

-15% Lotus Heavy Duty Green Reset 60 (20000) Pressure Filter
Green Reset: the new Lotus/Sicce Pond Filter range, a Patented System, the easiest way to clean your pond! This new Pressurized UVC Filter is available in two models- 60 L and 100 L- with great filtration capacity for any type of pond, small and large.

How Green Reset 60 works:

The water is forced through the sponges (mechanical filtration) , combined with an effective UVC sterilizer lamp, guarantee crystal clear pond water.

What makes Green Reset unique is how it simplifies maintenance operations: anyone can carry them out in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Lift the handle on the top of the cover
  2. Turn the lateral grip handles in the cleaning position, then turn the flow selector handle
  3. Push the big handle down so to squeeze the internal sponges

  • Dimension Dia 502 x H 583mm
  • Filter Volume 60 litres
  • UVC Lamp 2 x 20 watt
  • Sponges 3pcs
  • Hose Connectors 50-38-32mm
  • Cable Length 5m

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  • Brand: Lotus
  • Product Code: HDGR60
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  • £399.99
  • £339.99

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