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Nishikoi Baby Grower Sinking - 750g

Nishikoi Baby Grower Sinking - 750g
Nishikoi Baby Grower Sinking - 750g
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About this product

Growth food for young & growing pond fish.

Baby Grower Sinking is a very palatable high protein, quality complete sinking diet. Ideal for bottom feeding fish or shy fish which do not wish to compete at the surface for food. Baby Grower Sinking uses colour enhancers rich in caroteniods, colour molecules that nature uses for colouring fish.

Suitable for feeding - Cold water fish such as Koi, Goldfish, Lion Head, Oranda, Bubble Eye, Catfishes-Corydoras, Ancistrus/Otocinclusl-numbers and Turtles

  • Spirulina Rich
  • Colour Boosting Formula
  • Highly Digestible Ingredients
  • Sinking Mini Pellets
  • Stabilised Vitamin C

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