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Nishikoi KH Booster - 1000ml

Nishikoi KH Booster - 1000ml
Nishikoi KH Booster - 1000ml
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  • Add 25ml of ClearWaters KH Booster for every 250 litres (55 gallons) of water. This will raise the KH level in the pond by 2.5DH. Gradually increase KH by adding ClearWaters KH Booster over a 24-48 hour period and re-test between doses until the desired levels are reached.
  • Mix KH Booster in a bucket or watering can of warm (not hot) water and disperse evenly over the pond surface whilst avoiding direct contact with water plants. The ideal KH in ponds is between 6 - 8 degrees and testing is recommended on a regular basis particularly after rainfall and in naturally soft water land areas.

KH is the measurement of carbonate hardness (not to be confused with GH which is a measurement of carbonate hardness) in water and is often the most overlooked parameter when testing water quality problems, and is often responsible for unstable pond environments and very often unknown fish, water plant and mollusc losses.

​If the KH is allowed to drop too low major swings in pH are normally observed, and if left unattended the pH can crash resulting in the death of the fish very quickly.​

Nitrifying bacteria, which are needed in abundance within the biological filter, cannot survive without KH. No KH means no biological filtration and in turn this allows the ammonia and nitrite toxins created mainly by natural fish waste to rise and as a consequence your fish are susceptible to disease and more likely in mortalities.​

Various natural things within the pond all help to reduce KH levels. These include intake by the fish and water plants, but also the biological action within the pond and filter consume KH.Probably the biggest reason for KH drops is rainwater falling in the pond and topping up the pond with tap water in soft tap water areas.​

Once the correct KH parameters have been achieved, use ClearWaters Clearly Stableon a regular basis and measure KH levels so to make the pond stable and safe for its inhabitants.

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